About Us

This website offers insights and information based primarily on data pulled from the publicly available SEC's EDGAR website for searching company filings. Currently our database includes all Form C and related filings (updated daily-ish) for companies raising money using Regulation Crowdfunding, also referred to as Reg CF. There's a ton of useful information in those filings, and we think it should be easier for investors and others interested in the ecosystem to discover it.

We also try to add certain additional data that's not included in the SEC filings, like the URL for the offering, the company's logo, and a brief description of what they do. For that kind of data we use some 3rd-party tools, as well as the issuer and portal's websites. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this site, and you are encouraged to do your own research and consult with tax and invesmtent professionals before making any investment decision. If you have any questions, please do drop us a line!

Crowdfilings.com is an experimental data exploration tool from the folks at YieldTalk.com, where you can find profiles and reviews of more than 100 investment crowdfunding and online alternative investment platforms. This site is beta software and offered as-is with no warranty whatsoever. Contact us!