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Pittsburgh Juice Co

Regulation Crowdfunding campaign information and financial data from SEC filings


According to their SEC filings, Pittsburgh Juice Co is a Limited Liability Company organized in PA on 03-16-2013. They report having 12 employees, and revenue in their most recent fiscal year of $294,959 and $238,442 the prior year.

PJC offers a colorful array of Organic Cold-Pressed Juices, Superfood Smoothies & Snacks artisanally crafted fresh each day & packed with live enzymes & energy!

Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Pittsburgh Juice Co does not currently have any active Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns.

Previous Crowdfunding Offering
Monday, March 5, 2018

Pittsburgh Juice Co previously ran a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign to raise a target of $35,000 via Honeycomb Portal LLC before a deadline of 02-22-2018. They filed this progress report at the end of the offering: "Campaign successful: $38,850 raised."

Intermediary compensation

According to the SEC filings, Honeycomb Portal LLC was compensated as follows for this offering:


In addition to any direct compensation, Pittsburgh Juice Co reports that Honeycomb Portal LLC also received the following financial interest in the offering:


Financial Information

The following information is taken from SEC filings.

Income Statement Items

Most-Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year % Change
Revenue $294,959 $238,442 23.7%
Cost of Goods Sold $117,065 $98,369 19.0%
Taxes Paid $15,599 $12,124 28.7%
Net Income -$3455 -$4784 N/A

Balance Sheet Items

Most-Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year % Change
Total Assets $446,291 $436,132 2.3%
Cash & Cash Equivalents -$334 $2,457 N/A
Accounts Receivable $0 $0 N/A
Short-Term Debt $15,164 $12,009 26.3%
Long-Term Debt $406,167 $406,402 -0.1%

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