Crab Corner II, LLC

Regulation Crowdfunding campaign information and financial data from SEC filings


According to their SEC filings, Crab Corner II, LLC is a Limited Liability Company organized in NV on 09-20-2011. They report having 28.00 employees, and revenue in their most recent fiscal year of $1,501,388 and $968,563 the prior year.

6485 S. Rainbow Blvd. 104

Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crab Corner II, LLC does not currently have any active Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns.

Previous Crowdfunding Offering
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Crab Corner II, LLC previously ran a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign to raise a target of $75,000 via NextSeed US LLC before a deadline of 09-04-2018. They filed this progress report at the end of the offering: "Issuer raised $81,600. The actual processing time to confirm the commitments may take longer than the filing deadline, and the total amount is our best estimate at this time. The actual amount may be lower."

Intermediary compensation

According to the SEC filings, NextSeed US LLC was compensated as follows for this offering:

"NextSeed charges 10% of the Offering Amount; except NextSeed only charges 5% for investors referred by the Issuer."

In addition to any direct compensation, Crab Corner II, LLC reports that NextSeed US LLC also received the following financial interest in the offering:


Financial Information

The following information is taken from SEC filings.

Income Statement Items

Most-Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year % Change
Revenue $1,501,388 $968,563 55.0%
Cost of Goods Sold $865,966 $555,993 55.8%
Taxes Paid $14,885 $1,351 1001.8%
Net Income $98,155 $19,835 394.8%

Balance Sheet Items

Most-Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year % Change
Total Assets $144,430 $117,923 22.5%
Cash & Cash Equivalents -$2052 -$4749 N/A
Accounts Receivable $77,252 $45,364 70.3%
Short-Term Debt $207,161 $266,588 -22.3%
Long-Term Debt $38,790 $51,001 -23.9%

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