OpenDeal Portal LLC (Republic)


According to their SEC filings, OpenDeal Portal LLC (Republic) is a registered Title III Funding portal offering Regulation Crowdfunding Investments subject to SEC oversight and FINRA regulation.

They operate portals under the following names:

  • OpenDeal Portal LLC
  • Republic

They operate portals at the following URLs:

Active Campaigns

PenPal News, Inc.

PhunCoin, Inc.

Ample Hills Holdings, Inc.


Totle Inc.

Ample Foods

Huge Legal Technology Company, Inc.

Lavabit, LLC

Fretch LLC

Up Sonder, LLC

Sapient Industries, Inc.

PenPal Schools

WOW Studios, Inc.

SleepChoices LLC

Completed Campaigns

CoverUS, Inc

Mailtag Company, LLC.

Mitte Corp.

Shaping Games Inc.

Complete Reg CF filings list for OpenDeal Portal LLC (Republic)