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According to their SEC filings, SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a Corporation organized in NY on 05-28-2015. They report having 1 employee(s), and revenue in their most-recent fiscal year of $34,248.13 and $38,360.84 the prior year.




TROY, NY 12180

Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Reg CF Offering from SpaceoutVR, Inc. (Previous)

Campaign Details

According to their SEC filings, SpaceoutVR, Inc. previously ran a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign to raise $0.00 (up to a maximum of $0.00) in via before a deadline of .

As compensation for managing the offering, reported being compensated as follows:

In addition to any direct compensation, SpaceoutVR, Inc. reported that would also receive the following financial interest in the offering:

SpaceoutVR, Inc. filed the following progress report with the SEC at the end of their campaign:

End of offering

More information about this issuer may also be available via, including information about weekly and aggregate investor commitments.

Financial Information

The following information is taken directly from SEC filings.

Income Statement Items

Most Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year
Revenue $34,248.13 $38,360.84
Cost of Goods Sold $31,019.82 $136,780.84
Taxes Paid $0.00 $13,177.00
Net Income $-273,450.51 $106,875.67

Balance Sheet Items

Most Recent Fiscal Year Prior Fiscal Year
Total Assets $0.00 $0.00
Cash and Cash Equivalents $-26.02 $269,063.00
Accounts Receivable $1,717.25 $1,762.00
Short-term Debt $0.00 $85,528.00
Long-term Debt $0.00 $286,117.00

Complete Reg CF filings list for SpaceoutVR, Inc.

  • [2018-04-30T21:24:03+00:00] SpaceoutVR, Inc. filed a Form C-AR.

    File number: 020-23371

  • [2017-08-01T14:48:52+00:00] SpaceoutVR, Inc. filed a fundraising progress report (Form C-U) with the following update: "End of offering"

    File number: 020-23371

  • [2017-06-01T17:44:42+00:00] SpaceOutVR Inc. filed an amended Form C (Form C/A) regarding their offering to raise a target of $10,000.00 via NetCapital. The nature of the amendment was described as follows:

    Updated offering end date

    File number: 020-23371

  • New Filing Form C

    [2017-05-12T18:19:14+00:00] SpaceOutVR Inc. filed a Form C to raise a target amount of $10,000.00 (up to a maximum of $100,000.00) of via NetCapital.

    File number: 020-23371