Crowdfunding stats and data pulled from SEC Reg CF filings

The information below is pulled from publicly available SEC filings.

New Form C Filings by Month

Approximate Amount Raised by Month

These numbers are extracted from Form C-U Progress Reports. Note that not every filer reports the total amount raised, and in some cases the results reported are estimates.

Since Reg CF, the total amount reportedly raised is approximately NaN.

New Form C Filings by Intermediary

This list excludes Title III funding portals that have not facilitated any offerings, but does include portals that may no longer be active.

Aggregate Form C Filer Data

The table below is a look at just the information provided by companies raising money from crowdfunding in their initial Form C filings (currently 1366) in our database. This may include some companies that later withdrew their offerings, or later provided updated financial data.

Min Average Max
Employees 0 5.2 100
Revenue $0 $299,241 $14,498,739
Revenue/Employee $0 $47,642 $3,389,962
Net Income -$5778,487 -$187,689 $4,852,987

Revenue distribution

The following chart separates filers by reported revenue in their most recent fiscal year, with 737 reporting no revenue in their most recent fiscal year (aka "pre-revenue"). The filer with the highest reported revenue on their initial Form C filing is, Inc., at $14,498,739.

Initial Filings by Security Type

Please note that offerings occassional include hybrid securities that span multiple types (for example, a SAFE that also includes a revenue share), so the total all the "Other" types in the first graph may not match the totals in the second graph.

Standard security types

Security Type Number of filings
Common Stock 410
Preferred Stock 92
Debt 256
Other 608

Other security types

Security Type Number of Filings
SAFE 309
Convertible 62
Revenue Share 44
Other 204

Filing counts by form type

Form Type Total Number Filed to Date
C 1366
C-AR-W 3
C-TR 16
C-U 570
C-AR/A 25
C-W 106
C-TR-W 1
C-U-W 3
C/A 1278
C-AR 274
C/A-W 8