Crowdfunding stats and data pulled from SEC filings

The information below is pulled from publicly available SEC filings.

New Form C Filings by Month

New Form C Filings by Intermediary

Aggregate filing data

The table below is a look at just the information provided by companies raising money from crowdfunding in their initial Form C filings in our database. This may include some companies that later withdrew their offerings, or later provided updated financial data.

Min Average Max
Employees 0 5.294904458598726 162.0
Revenue $0.00 $293,163.43 14498739.0
Net Income $0.00 $-182,332.78 $0.00

Filing counts by form type

Form type Total number filed to date
C-AR 281
C-TR 19
C/A 1489
C 1570
C-AR-W 3
C-W 118
C-AR/A 25
C-U 655
C-TR-W 1
C/A-W 8
C-U-W 3